A few weeks ago, the 10 millionth Ford Mustang model was sold. True to form, this maestro of all pony cars didn’t stroll casually towards this seminal figure – instead, as the world’s top-selling sports car for the last three years straight, it blasted right through the 10M mark.

Over the last half century, the Ford Mustang has also outsold every other sports car in America, a fact we’re sure our readers are well aware of. And here’s an indication of how far this classic ride has come: the first 1964 Ford Mustang was equipped with a V8 engine capable of 164 horsepower. The 10 millionth model sold is a 2019 Ford Mustang with a V8 engine that achieves 460 horsepower. But despite advancements in engine design, the ’64 Ford Mustang and the 2019 Ford Mustang share a common bond of power, beauty, and performance that’s unrivaled by any other car in the world.

Over the last 50+ years the Ford Mustang has been produced in four locations: the original plant in Dearborn, MI, along with Metuchen, NJ, San Jose, CA, and the current Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. It’s here at Flat Rock that every Ford Mustang is constructed, and the 2019 model is certainly a special one. This year’s family includes two classic special editions: the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, which boasts an exclusive 5.0-liter V8 engine that outputs 480 horseppower, and the 2019 Ford Mustang California Special, offering unique design elements and trim amenities.

Our Ford dealership in Sarcoxie, MO is the place to test drive a 2019 Ford Mustang, which this year delivers exciting new features like rev-matching downshifts, a custom-tuned B&O PLAY premium sound system, and a quad-tip fully active exhaust. Contact our local Ford dealer today for availability information!