When it comes to driving the right car home, leasing is a great choice. You get low monthly rates, peace of mind from warranties and dealer assurances, and a vehicle you love. That’s why Jay Hatfield Ford carries a wide range of new Ford models available for lease.

But what about when the lease draws to a close? You have many great options for taking the next steps, and Jay Hatfield Ford is here to help you navigate all of them. If you really love your new Ford F-150—and why wouldn’t you, it was voted the 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year—you may want to consider either extending your lease or buying the vehicle outright. This is a good option for cars in great shape or if you’ve gone significantly over your mileage allotment and want to avoid penalties.

You can also make the choice to trade in your vehicle, which could even save you money. Or, you could simply decide to walk away. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll want to start weighing your options about three months before the lease is up. Begin doing your research early, so you know what you’re looking for in your next car should you choose to go that route. You also want to prepare your car for the end-of-lease inspection; consider saving enough time to get some of the required work done yourself. Don’t forget to gather your lease agreement and documents and any extras that might have come with the car, like key fobs or removable headrests. Of course—grab your toll passes and garage door openers too!

Trust Jay Hatfield Ford with your end-of-lease options and next steps. Come on down to 1517 High Street in Sarcoxie to speak with an expert member of our team today.